Pick a content type from the tabs below (a.k.a. xStone), and witness our fast magic ...

  • have a link & want to share it?
    Website Link
  • have a phone number & want to share it?
  • have an SMS & want to receive it as you want?
  • have a WhatsApp message & want to receive it as you want?
  • have an email message to want 2 receive it as you want?
  • have a WiFi network & want to share it?
  • have an app & want to share it?
  • have a vCard & want to share it?
  • have a location & want to be visited at it?
  • Create The Shortest Website Link To Access It From The World

    Set custom URL
    Set password

    Embrace Your Identity in Marketing


    Start shortening your URL links or create something amazing to share with xAmber now! All you need is to choose what you want to share, fill in the blank & vualá, you are ready to go.

    online or offline 😉


    A platform where you could turn your ideas into interactive, digital, sharable and analyzable content to market it well. So, whether we were into

    - URL and link shortening
    - QR code generation
    - Scheduling posts on social media platforms on your own time

    Or having something else to spread your content to the whole wide world, you just landed to the right platform. Our single, feature-rich and multilingual platform, enables you to digitize any content type* you have, then share it via one or many sharing techniques** we adopted in xAmber, to easily track it and analyze it on-the-go with our real-time and advanced statistics.

    * more than 50 different types of content. (known as xStones).
    ** using up to 8 different types of technologies. (known as xShades).

    Wonder Why You Should Use xAmber?

    Well, Besides the Arabic language that we proudly fully support. You have …

    Variety of Content Types

    Many Sharing Techniques

    Dynamic & Customized xShades

    Real-Time Advanced Analytics

    more reasons are coming soon, register now so you don’t miss it

    We have those features & much much more are either coming soon or already under development …

    • Arabic Language support
    • Short Link Generating
    • Short Link Customizations
    • URL Link Management
    • Short Links with Password Lock
    • QR Code Generating
    • Dynamic QR Codes
    • Secure xShades*
    • Full and Real-Time Analysis
    * Current sharing techniques (xShade) are (Short Link and QR Code). More sharing techniques are coming soon, stay tuned!
    ** Type of messages to be received are (SMS, Email and WhatsApp messages) and they all could be predefined.

    a single starting plan, for now
    and it is



    for all, so you could access the customization feature and private analytics.
    -With no strings attached nor registration required for guests-